No PO No Pay-policy

When invoicing for works, goods or services, suppliers must quote a valid Purchase Order (PO) number on the invoice, in order to receive payment.

If you want to make sure you’re paid on time, please see to it that you receive a purchase order number when you accept an order for works, services or goods. Any invoice received without a valid PO number will not be processed but will simply be returned to the supplier unpaid.


No. We implemented the No PO No PAY policy to ensure all financial commitments are approved and recorded in our purchasing system ahead of the actual purchase being made.

Invoices will not be paid before the due date but by quoting a PO number, invoices can be registered faster which results in on time payment (at the due date).

The standard payment terms Brussels Airport Company adheres to are:

  • 30 days end of month after receipt of invoice

A valid PO number from Brussels Airport Company will have 11 digits: e.g.  00xxxxxx_0xx

  1. Obtain a valid PO number from your contact within Brussels Airport Company who ordered the works, goods or services.
  2. Quote the PO number on your invoice
  3. Submit the invoice to the Brussels Airport Company Accounts Payable Team at Accounting.

For this, please contact Procurement.

More information

If you have any further questions regarding the No PO No PAY policy contact Accounting or Procurement