SAP Business Network (Ariba)

SAP Business Network-Ariba

To streamline our procurement and accounts payable processes, Brussels Airport Company is partnering with SAP Ariba®This initiative contributes to fulfill our vision of moving away from paper and manually transmitted documents. 

Guidelines for BAC suppliers

What does this mean for Brussels Airport’s suppliers?

  • Brussels Airport invites its suppliers to connect to the SAP Business Network. This will contribute to eliminate paper invoices or PDF-invoices sent via email.
  • Receiving Purchase Orders will only be possible via SAP Business Network (Ariba)​
  • To enable this communication, suppliers will have to register (create an account) on the SAP Business Network​.
  • Brussels Airport may require its suppliers to do some additional actions/input on the platform​. ​

What are the benefits?

  • Fully digital and paperless procurement management.
  • Access to suppliers’ latest purchase orders at any time and with end-to-end transparency.​
  • Real time information on the receipts of suppliers’ delivery of goods and services.
  • First-time right invoicing, referring to the right purchase order, aiming for zero invoice rejections.​
  • Via SAP Business Network the suppliers get insight on the status on the invoices and payments  
  • Possibility to integrate suppliers’ ERP system (EDI, XML,CSV,…)​

Important notes for suppliers:

For the collaboration with BAC, you need to register to the network with Free of Charge Standard Account. This will be sufficient for all communication with BAC.

  • However, you have also the option to upgrade your standard account to an Enterprise Account, in the case you want more services on the platform; but in this case, you will be elligible to pay a fee for it and you create an agreement directly with Ariba, to which BAC is not a party. 
  • Please ensure that the appropriate Ariba Account type is selected, as if you select the Enterprise Account, you will receive an invoice directly from Ariba. BAC cannot accept accountability should the incorrect level be selected, nor can it accept liability for any fees incurred. 
  • BAC can however assist you to switch back from the Enterprise to the Standard Account.
  • Transition to our new SAP environment in January 2023. Prior to this go live, we will not have transactions via the Business Network.

Good to know:

  • BAC is unable to review and process your company as a supplier until the registration and subsequent questionnaire are completed. 
  • Any sales invoices received will not be processed until the Supplier Onboarding registration process has been finalised. 
  • Ariba times out after 30 minutes of inactivity. 
  • Supported Browsers Microsoft Edge 32-bit, Chrome 54+ 64-bit, Mozilla Firefox 49+ 64-bit, Safari 9+ 64-bit, Mozilla Firefox 17+, Safari 5, Mobile Safari on iPad (iOS 6 or above), Microsoft Edge Chromium 79+ 32-bit and 64-bit

How to start working with Ariba?

BAC invites you!

Via Pre-registration or via the 1st PO

General info and steps to follow are detailed in the following link.

Curious to find out more? See videos on youtube