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  • Surprise your customers with complementary services and make their journey even more fun.
  • Demonstrate your added value by offering services and options your competition does not.
  • Earn ancillary revenue for all comfort services sold.

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Fast lane

A Fast Lane Pass will get your customer priority passage through security screening. Very convenient for frequent travellers or if one is short of time. 

A Fast lane pass comes as a QR code on your mobile device.  Scan your Pass at the security screening. It's easy and saves time. 

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Lounge pass

Want to relax right away or stay focused on your work until take-off? The choice is yours! Stretch out on our lounge chairs as you watch the planes take off. The first "all-in" experience of your trip is a fact. In our Diamond Lounge, food and drinks are included in the price. 

With the Diamond Lounge-pass, all passengers can enjoy this service, regardless of their airline or flyer status.  You can decide on the spot and purchase a pass for € 42,50. Or you can buy it in advance online for only € 37,50.

A Lounge pass comes as a QR code on your mobile device. 

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Co-branded bTag – Accompany your customer right to  the end of their journey

The luggage tag 2.0, with your brand on it. A perfect give-away for your customers with your brand prominently displayed on a modern gadget that will accompany them on all their future journeys. 

Buy your customers some extra time with bTag and boost your brand. The co-branded bTag will let you brand our smart baggage label the way you prefer. And your customers? They can relax and enjoy the last part of their trip, while bTag notifies them during key moments.

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Marketplace referral – Enhance the passenger shopping experience

All your customers’ favourite airport goodies, right at their fingertips. Enhance your customers’ shopping experience with an offer that includes thousands of products of more than 200 brands. You can earn ancillary revenues on what they buy while your customers can conveniently shop online. Customerspick up the order at the airport, entirely contact-free and without having to wait in line.

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Enjoy! Gold

Take your client's travel experience to the next level by offering them the Enjoy! Gold membership for a full year. With Enjoy Gold!, they'll receive many benefits such as 10 Fast Lane and 10 Diamond Lounge Passes, 3 bTags, and various other exclusive perks. These benefits will make their travels hassle-free. Apply now to provide your clients with an unforgettable travel experience.

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