• Skyhall is now open for your premium events
  • Unique location for your conferences, exhibitions, premium events
  • In the heart of Europe, easily accessible by car and public transport

What can Skyhall offer you?

Our iconic building fully renoved is available for unforgettable and exclusive events! It offers you:

  • A unique location with amazing view on aircrafts and tarmac for your conferences, exhibitions and premium events. 
  • 6100 m²   on 2 floors
    • Floor 1 – Arrival level : 2900 m²
    • Floor 2 – Departure level : 3200 m²
  • Easy access by car and public transport in the heart of Europe:
    • More than 12,500 parking spaces
    • Directly accessible by train – Up to six trains an hour to and from Brussels
    • Directly Connected with 13 cities in Belgium

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History of Skyhall

As part of the Brussels World's Fair of 1958, architects Maxime Brunfaut, Géo Bontinck and Joseph Moutschen were appointed to design a brand new airport infrastructure.  This building was erected in a very short space of time in 1957-1958, as it needed to be ready in time to welcome the visitors to the Brussels World's Fair of 1958.

After the new terminal and Pier B opened in 1994 and Pier A was brought into operation in 2002, the old airport building designed by Brunfaut, Bontinck and Moutschen was almost completely decommissioned at the turn of the century.

The Skyhall building is a major landmark symbol of the airport, which reflects Belgium’s forward-looking vision. In 1958, it was intended to give the country a modern and efficient communication tool and a link to the rest of the world. The airport was a paragon to the World’s Fair visitors. It was designed to deliver a response to the commercial and economic needs of the post-war period.

Today, it remains as a link and a gateway to the future. Whilst conserving its unique architectural appeal steeped in the Golden Sixties, the building is being redeveloped and modernised to meet modern-day needs.

This iconic building could soon be hosting your next event.

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