Filming at the airport

  • Brussels Airport, a unique setting
  • Filming and photoshoots at Brussels Airport

Because of its unique setting, the airport attracts many directors, producers or camera crews eager to find an exceptional setting for their movies, television series, publicity spots or entertainment programs.

Photographers sometimes opt for photo shoots at the airport as well.

At Brussels Airport it is possible to make photos and video recordings for various projects on the condition that both the communication department and the security department give permission.

If you wish to film at the airport, send an e-mail to mentioning:

  • Your surname and first name
  • Contact number
  • The number of people in your crew
  • The purpose of the recordings (press, movie or TV show)
  • The name of the TV station, producer or media you work for
  • The exact locations(s) you wish to film on
  • The equipment you are bringing
  • The space you will be needing for setting up the equipment
  • The storage you need, if necessary
  • Exact date and timing
  • Possible script

Your application will be examined by the right services and they will let you know if your recordings may go ahead and give you more information on the practical details and financial terms.

Since we get a lot of requests, we appreciate if you can forward us your order at least 3 working days in advance. For bigger productions we like to receive your request at least 1 week in advance.

When possible, we like to see a copy of the images or film prior to broadcasting.