House rules

At Brussels Airport we are keen to make your visit as pleasant and safe as possible. By entering the terminal, you agree to the house rules and instructions below.

1. At our airport keeping a pleasant atmosphere is paramount. So do not disturb the public order or create any kind of nuisance. Behaviour that is considered a nuisance and is therefore forbidden includes: disturbing airport operations, defiling, destroying or damaging infrastructure; as well as disturbing the peace of those present by being in an apparent state of poor personal hygiene, illness or unhealthiness; inappropriate and unwanted physical contact; disruptive, offensive, lewd, intimidating or threatening statements or acts and violent behaviour.

2. Emergency exits, walkways and escape routes are designed to keep you safe, so please do not block them. You may only use the emergency doors in an emergency. At any other time, we will ask you for compensation of EUR 250.

3. The pleasure of some should never disturb the peace of others in our airport. That is why alcoholic drinks may only be consumed in the bars and restaurants. It is forbidden to be inebriated, intoxicated or under the influence of drugs at the airport.

4. For your own safety and that of others, please remember not to carry any dangerous or prohibited items with you.

5. For safety reasons, use only areas that are accessible to the public and stick to the indicated routes.

6. Although all Brussels Airport staff do their best to make you feel comfortable at the airport, it is not a place to stay the night or permanently reside in.

7. We care about your health and safety and that of others, so smoking, vaping, or using any alternative smoking devices is forbidden. Lighting fires or setting off fireworks is also not allowed.

8. For health and safety reasons, only guide and assistance dogs as well as dogs, cats and ferrets that are travelling with you are allowed on the condition that they are put in special transport containers or are held on a leash (maximum 1.2 m).

9. If you wish to carry out a commercial activity or make any kind of publicity, you need to get a written permission first.

10. To guarantee the tranquillity of all visitors, it is forbidden to beg, give public speeches, spread propaganda, collect signatures for petitions or organise events or demonstrations.

11. You can take as many photographs or make as many videos as you like for your own use. For professional photography, or film and video recordings, you need the prior written approval of

12. Automated or motorised transport aids are of course allowed for people with reduced mobility. However, for the sake of safety (yours and that of our passengers), the use of mopeds, bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, scooters, segways, monowheels and the like is not allowed inside.

13. Your safety is our top priority so please always keep your bags and luggage with you. Unattended bags and luggage will be searched and removed.

14. Leave trolleys, wheelchairs, queue management stanchions and other property of Brussels Airport to those for whom they are intended.

15. Brussels Airport only allows certified wrapping foil. Any luggage wrapped with unapproved foil will be refused at the check-in desk as it can damage the baggage sorting system and cause jams leading to baggage delivery delays.

Brussels Airport Company N.V. and the competent authorities reserve the right to check compliance with these airport rules at any time. Refusal to cooperate with such a check shall be considered a breach of these airport rules.

In case any of the above airport rules is not observed, Brussels Airport Company nv and the competent authorities reserve the right to stop any prohibited action, report it, remove the offender and/or prohibited object from the airport site or refuse entrance to the airport site, as well as claim for damages.

By entering the airport site, visitors recognise and accept the exclusive application of Belgian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Brussels.

When accessing the airport premises of Brussels Airport Company nv, you do so at your own risk. The company is not liable for any accidents or direct or indirect damage to goods or injury to persons entering the airport premises.