The company

  • 25% is owned by the Belgian State.
  • Airport management is shared between 8 departments.

The airport's management is the responsibility of Brussels Airport Company. With nearly 1.000 employees, Brussels Airport Company assures both the sustainable development of the airport and the satisfaction of its customers.


In 1998, the Belgian Airports and Airways Agency and Brussels Airport Terminal Company merged to form “Brussels International Airport Company” (BIAC). This public limited company was renamed “The Brussels Airport Company” in 2006, and finally changed its name to “Brussels Airport Company” in 2013.


The company is 75% owned by a consortium of private investors. The remaining 25% of shares are in the possession of the Belgian State. The Board of Directors comprises 11 members. In addition to the Chairman and CEO, the Board comprises 6 members appointed by the consortium of private investors and 3 members appointed by the Belgian State.

Organisational Structure

Brussels Airport Company is divided into 8 departments:

  • ICT & Digital
  • Infrastructure & Real Estate
  • Strategic Development
  • Compliance & Operations Continuity
  • Passenger Experience
  • Finance, Procurement & BI
  • Legal & Regulations
  • Marketing, Communication & HR