Wider horizons,
sustainable ambitions.

Climate change not only changes the climate, but also the way we live, work and travel. The aviation industry is already going through permanent climate turbulence.  

That’s why at Brussels Airport Company, we will proactively deal with these challenges for the better, instead of undergoing them.  

Not just because we are told to do so, but because this is the right thing to do for the planet and future generations. 

We are the preferred partner in delivering smart connectivity solutions, thinking and acting in a sustainable and customer-centric way

Our new vision for Brussels Airport Company is based on better performance, diversifying our activities and sustainability. 

This means we will diversify our business by fully investing our strengths in connecting. Always with the customers in our minds and hearts and opting for the most sustainable way. 

Performing even better as a hub

Our role as a vital hub in connecting passengers and goods across Europe and beyond remains the core of our activities. This is what we started out 60 years ago at the start-up of the airport and what we work on every day: to provide our passengers and customers with an extensive network and the best service and experience. But we must evolve and respond to what customers find important.  

That is why we continue working on connectivity between aircrafts, and between different modes of transport. We also continuously invest on the optimisation of our operations and put a clear focus on efficiency and reliability, in order to enhance the customer experience for both passengers and cargo customers.    

Diversifying our business

Today, Brussels Airport is more than an airport. This means it is crucial to keep on diversifying our activities in order to better withstand headwinds we are facing. We’re focusing on innovation and are creating new alliances with partners that share our vision, based on strengths we have developed over the years. This involves, for example, creating additional capacity in the area of cargo and logistics real estate, the further development of our Airport Business District, the Skyhall event venue and we are open to new opportunities. We have already taken a first step by investing in drone technology via Skeydrone. 

Embedding sustainability in everything we do

Brussels Airport Company wants to become Net Zero Carbon by 2030 at the latest. New developments such as sustainable aviation fuel and artificial intelligence, as well as making our buildings more energy efficient, will help us to build a more sustainable and even more efficiently organised airport together with our partners. In this context, we are extremely proud of our new pan European Stargate project. With Stargate, we have ambitious plans for the next five years that will allow us to accelerate our transition to a greener airport and aviation. 

Sustainability is embedded in everything we do. In our construction projects, we opt for the most sustainable materials and techniques. We support initiatives to further expand and improve public transport and increase the tariff differentiation to promote low-noise aircraft. We will also continue to focus on circular economy, the reuse of materials and on inclusion, attention to people and diversity among staff.