In a nutshell

  • More than just an airport.
  • Brussels Airport is one of the most important centres of economic growth in Belgium.
  • Watch a short video for more information about Brussels Airport!

In the heart of Europe

As a national airport located in the heart of Europe, Brussels Airport is the ideal gateway to Brussels, Belgium and the rest of the world. Brussels Airport is simultaneously a city in itself, bustling with activity, innovation and engagement. Our employees are passionate about the airport, and this zeal translates into an extremely customer-friendly service, suffused with typical Belgian hospitality. Other business are keen to establish themselves here, attracted by the promotion of Belgian pride that Brussels Airport propagates at an international level. Brussels Airport is the ultimate experience for each and everyone!

The human touch

The numbers speak for themselves: Brussels Airport is one of the most important airports in Europe. Yet, alongside all those capacity expansions and infrastructure investments, we manage to keep things on an exceptionally intimate level. Indeed, we remain an airport with a decidedly human touch, with due regard for the needs of every individual. Regardless of whether it is a passenger, business, supplier or partner: the customer always comes first.

More than an airport

We are constantly looking forward and consider more than the conventional services. Our role as an intermodal hub is an excellent example. By aligning all transport modes, we actively increase accessibility and attract foreign companies as a consequence. This has resulted in an Airport Business District, where growing activity implies an additional source of employment.

National growth engine

The National Bank of Belgium regards the airport industry as ‘an essential sector that plays a key role in the Belgian economy’. We are the second most important growth pool in our nation and have a responsibility for general prosperity and well-being. As an indication: the airport accounts for 60,000 direct and indirect jobs, by virtue of both its commercial flights and leading international cargo operations.


The environment and well-being of local residents are central to our strategy. We strive to maintain a careful balance between economic growth and a controlled impact on our surroundings. This is evidenced by our CO2 neutrality, own water purification station, solar panel parks, noise abatement efforts and biodiversity initiatives etc. Brussels Airport profiles itself as a responsible player!

Click on the video below for a 2:59 minute introduction into the world of Brussels Airport