What makes our hearts beat?

Our 5 values define our unique corporate culture and constitute the heartbeat of our organisation. We want our values to become apparent in everything we do, both individually and collectively. They truly are “our values with a heart and a beat”.

We care for people and the planet

  • We put safety first and create a positive environment where people can grow.
  • To preserve our planet for future generations, we seize every opportunity to become more sustainable.

We collaborate as one team

  • We work together as one team, in a culture of open feedback and trust.
  • We take time to connect, celebrate our successes or simply have fun together.

We are committed

  • Motivation is what gets us started, commitment is what keeps us going
  • We put our heart and soul in everything we do, to deliver results

We are courageous

  • We show courage and dare to change the way we work. 
  • We‘re not afraid to propose innovative solutions and remain eager to learn in our rapidly evolving world. 

We are customer-centric

  • Creating a positive customer experience is at the core of everything we do. 
  • We walk in our customers’ shoes, always trying to exceed their expectations.    

These are the values we share and stand by. They guide us in everything we undertake. 

Discover more about our values & behaviours in this video: