• Sustainability, connections & well-being
  • 4 domains: Sports, Music, Culture and Youth
  • Does your project match our values?

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As a major company, Brussels Airport Company is regularly approached by organisations seeking financial and logistical support for their projects.

Our purpose is to create prosperity and well-being by connecting people, businesses and communities, while thinking and acting in a sustainable and customer-centric way. Starting from this focus on connection, sustainability and well-being we want to support initiatives that are in line with our Shift 2027 strategy.

To ensure that each sponsorship request is handled in a fair and consistent manner, we have established a sponsorship policy that sets out the criteria an initiative has to meet to be eligible. This policy allows for the efficient and transparent management of our sponsorships and helps us to stay true to our brand, our customer promise and our target groups. We are always happy to discover initiatives, events or organisations that bring our baseline “the heart of Europe” to life, that connect people, and that confirm Brussels Airport as a brand with a beating heart.

The following domains are considered for sponsorship: Sports, Music, Culture and Youth, and within the following geographical reach: 

  • At (inter)national level and within Brussels, our capital in the heart of Europe
  • At local level within the 4 neighbouring municipalities Kortenberg, Machelen, Steenokkerzeel, Zaventem

Below please find some events and organisations that proudly promote our brand.

Brussels Airport Marathon & Half Marathon

Thanks to the title sponsorship of the Brussels Airport Marathon, we encourage running enthusiasts at national and international level to take on a sporting challenge. We are delighted to associate our brand with a sporting event that brings people together and promotes a healthy lifestyle.




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Team Belgium & Paralympic Team Belgium

We are also proud to support Team Belgium and the Paralympic Team in their preparations for the Olympic Games in 2024. Since 2016, we have stood behind the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee (BOIC). Like Brussels Airport, these athletes who practice their sports with passion, are ambassadors for our country.  



Red Lions & Red Panthers

The team spirit, courage and fair play displayed time and again by the Red Lions & Red Panthers in their matches, confirm for us, as partner of the Royal Belgian Hockey Association, that we share the same values.

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Paradise City Festival

Paradise City Festival in Steenokkerzeel, that, in a manner of speaking, takes place in our ‘back garden’, is perfectly in line with our aim to support sustainable initiatives in the vicinity and connect thousands of music lovers.

Culture is all about passion, providing moments of emotion and relaxation. That’s why Brussels Airport is up for original partnerships in the cultural field.

By supporting local clubs such as KVW Zaventem, FCKM (Football Club Kortenberg Meerbeek United), SK Nossegem and the BC Machelen-Diegem basketball club, we want to help young people in the neighbouring communities grow in their sport, with mutual respect.

Of course, we only support projects that live up to our values. This means that several areas are explicitly excluded by our sponsorship policy.

For example:

  • Individual or personal sponsorships
  • Political or religious parties
  • Projects that discriminate against minority groups
  • Organisations whose CSR policy and corporate values are not consistent with Brussels Airport Company’s sustainable development strategy and corporate values
  • Projects with a potential negative environmental impact
  • Programmes that may lead to unnecessary risks or may endanger the audience
  • Games or causes that can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle
  • Motor sports (Formula 1, etc.)
  • Activities that are sponsored by other players in our industry
  • Requests for brand articles.
  • One-off events or trips abroad unless in view of a long-term partnership

If you would like to submit a sponsorship application to us, please complete our contact form. We will examine it carefully and reply as soon as possible.

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Thank you for your interest in Brussels Airport and we wish you every success with your projects!

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