Brussels Airport Fund

The Brussels Airport Fund supports local communities

Connecting people, businesses and communities is Brussels Airport’s core mission. That is why the airport has been supporting good causes that make a positive difference and bring people together for some time. With the Brussels Airport Fund, established in cooperation with the King Baudouin Foundation, Brussels Airport wants to further strengthen its social role.

The Brussels Airport Fund is an independent fund established under the auspices of the King Baudouin Foundation. Through this fund, organisations in the vicinity can request support for sustainable projects in response to an annual thematic call for proposals. The Fund manages the applications, and an objective jury is responsible for the selection of the projects.

Selection of projects 2023/24: sustainable projects that connect people

In total, the Fund received 29 submissions in this first call. An independent jury evaluated the projects and selected 18 projects that will receive support from the Brussels Airport Fund this year. An organisation could apply for project support between €1,000 and €10,000 per project.

These local projects focus on nature and the environment, energy or mobility and stimulate the connection between residents and their environment. Sustainability was a key aspect: the project was evaluated not only by the positive impact it could have on the neighbourhood and climate, but also on its long-term results. Additionally, a clear financial plan of approach and specific targets were also crucial.   

Below is an overview of the selected projects. More details on the individual projects can be found on the website of the King Baudouin Foundation.

A second call for projects will be launched later this year for support in 2025.

Selected projects

  • Borrekensveld: Green Play and Meeting Place (Municipality of Grimbergen)
  • The Care Garden (VZW De Ark, Brussels)
  • Bij-zonder Bouwen (VZW Heemschut, Grimbergen)
  • Leef Wonderwoudje in Rotselaar (Leefgreens)
  • “Kom op Adem” (Adem, Vlasselaar)
  • Participatory Co-creation trajectory in Centrum Molenmoes (De Wissel VZW, Wezemaal)
  • Vol aan de Bak! (Mobiel 21)
  • Heat from “De Boomgaard” (LIVEZ cvso)
  • Plastic-Free Rivers (River Cleanup vzw)
  • Vertous (Courtileke)
  • Pand 57 (Buurtwerk 't Lampeke vzw, Leuven)
  • New building Scouts Buken-Delle (VZW Lokalen Buken)
  • Energetic renovation youth centre Floerebloes
  • Strombeach 24 (VIVA1853)
  • Woluwe-Saint-Pierre Bicycle Library (Kontakt ASBL)
  • Stimulating Disadvantaged Families (MFC Combo, Leuven)
  • Veloveutwie Kortenberg (The Hulster)
  • Mijn Kijk Ap(art) (VZW Gemeenschapscentrum De Linde)