Code of conduct

  • Take all rubbish and litter away with you.
    • Rubbish attracts vermin, which in turn attract birds. Birds and aircraft are not a good combination: when a bird flies into the engine of an aircraft, it could, in the worst case, cause a crash.
  • Respect private property and the privacy of those living nearby.
    • Do not walk through crops.
    • Spotting platform 25L/07R is located near the transit centre “Caricole”. Do not linger near the centre.
    • Respect the traffic rules and signage. There are free parking areas in the vicinity.
  • The use of step ladders is possible under certain conditions.
    • Do not place ladders on or against the spotting platforms.
    • Do not place ladders against the airport perimeter fence.
  • The use of drones is forbidden.
  • Compliance to local authorities.
    • If airport security personnel or police are present: their instructions take precedence.

See something suspicious? Call the Federal Police (INA – information network airport): +32 (0)2 709 66 66