Brussels Aiport is a dynamic environment. Every year there are more than 250,000 aircraft movements at the airport, and the number of passengers continues to rise.

Brussels Airport is constantly developping and thousands of people are busy there every day. To avoid unsafe situations in this active environment, special Traffic Rules have been drawn up. They are based on national and international legislation, and intended to improve the safety of aircraft, passengers and staff. To create a safe working environment, everyone who works airside (the non-public part of the airport) is required to be familiar with these rules.

Before driving any vehicle airside, you must take the special driving-test based on these Traffic Rules. When you pass the test, you receive an "airport driving licence" for Brussels Airport that allows you to drive in specific areas airside.

The charges for the airport driving test and for issuing an airport driving-licence (original or replacement) can be checked at the Apron Licences office.