Choose Your Energy Supplier

  • Choose your energy supplier
  • Enjoy the benefits of the closed distribution grid at Brussels Airport

Need a new electricity connection? First, choose one of the various energy suppliers.

For the choice of your energy supplier, you can visit the website of the Flemish regulators for the electricity and gas market (VREG).

Designating an electricity supplier is necessary to be able to consume electricity from the Brussels Airport distribution grid.

When choosing your energy supplier, take the following into account:

  • You do not receive separate invoices from us for the use of the distribution grid. These are included in the invoices that you will receive from your supplier in which, in addition to the costs for the distribution grid, the costs for the transmission network and taxes and levies will be settled.
  • Keep in mind that you are indeed enjoying the benefits of the closed distribution grid at Brussels Airport:
    • The energy supplier of your choice must meet a quota obligation of certificates for green energy and CHP on the energy supplied. The quota obligations are calculated on the sum of all our customers combined, so that they fall into a higher consumption bracket to which statutory discounts are applied.
    • You currently receive a discount on the federal contribution and the rate of public service obligations for financing green energy certificates, because the consumption of all our customers is seen as one consumption location, which means that the legal cap of 250 000 € applies automatically (More info). You can verify this by comparing what the energy supplier charges you for taxes and surcharges with the tariffs in the “taksen en heffingen" section of our tariffs sheet in which this reduction was adjusted automatically.
    • Moreover, you do not have to pay an additional levy at DNB BA for the elimination of the arrears of the regional green energy certificates (also known as Contribution Energy Fund:

Read more about our Electricity Distribution Tariffs.