Security awareness: together for a secure airport

Brussels Airport watches over the protection of all airport users. 

Every day, the Security services are committed, together with all stakeholders at the airport, to building a sustainable security culture.

As a company and also as individuals, we must be aware of the security measures in place and bring them permanently to the attention of the public. In doing so together with our colleagues, customers, and partners, we contribute to a safe and secure environment for everyone.

An important part of this are the Security promotion and prevention campaigns. These campaigns aim to raise awareness concerning security at our airport. 

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Your own contribution to Security: report!

Through the "Voluntary Reporting" tool, airport users can anonymously and without obligation report Security and Safety-related concerns and ideas of a non-urgent nature.

Every report is kept strictly confidential by the Compliance & Certification Unit. It is far more important to learn from mistakes and unsecure situations than to blame those involved. As an airport operator, we rather learn from unintentional mistakes than hide them and let them degenerate into an incident or accident. Remember: a mistake left undetected can be made again, and next time the consequences may be much worse!

The Compliance & Certification Unit guarantees the confidential treatment of every report, except those involving criminal offenses. Please report mistakes, concerns, unsafe and unsecure situations so we can learn from them and build a secure and safe airport for all its users.

Please provide as much information as you can; fields marked with an asterisk * are required to be completed. Unless you specifically request to contact you, this report is completely anonymous. 

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KSAS: Are you already familiar with the status of "Known Supplier of Airport Supplies"?

Since 01.03.2015, Brussels Airport is authorized in accordance with European directive (EU) 2015/1998 to designate Known Suppliers of Airport Supplies, also called KSAS.

Known Supplier of Airport Supplies is a supplier whose procedures comply with certain security rules and standards to a sufficient degree to permit a faster and easier delivery of airport supplies in secure areas of the airport.

To become a known supplier of airport supplies, your organization must go through a certification process. Once certified, you will have certain advantages in Security screening and your company can deliver at Brussels Airport in a smoother and secure manner.

More information on obtaining a KSAS certificate