• BAC as an EASA-certified airport operator
  • Your own contribution to safety: report!
  • Airside traffic rules: traffic rules for your safety on airside

BAC as an EASA certified airport operator

Brussels Airport is an EASA-certified airport operator and wants to excel in safety within its organisation and guarantee the safety of all flight operations, employees, customers and contractors. Brussels Airport respects all necessary legislation regarding safety within the boundaries of the aerodrome and wants to remain an example of an EASA certified airport operator (Standards determined according to Regulation (EC) No 139/2014).

The objective of Brussels Airport policy is to ensure that the airport is safe to be used by aircraft and that an unambiguous level of safety is guaranteed, equivalent to that of other comparable airports. In order to achieve this goal, all personnel employed at Brussels Airport must have a clear preventive approach to aviation safety.

A Safety Management System or Safety Management System has been developed for this. This is a systematic approach to managing aviation safety, including the necessary organisational structures, liabilities, responsibilities, processes and procedures with the aim of continuously improving the level of safety at Brussels Airport.

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Your own contribution to safety: report!

The "no reproach" philosophy - a fair policy

Every report is treated confidentially by the Safety Management Unit. It is much more important to learn from mistakes and unsafe situations than to sanction guilty parties. It is more important to learn from your mistakes than to hide them and let them snowball into an incident or accident. Remember, an undetected mistake can be made again, and next time the consequences can be far worse!

The Compliance & Certification Unit guarantees the confidential treatment of every report, except when it concerns criminal offences. Report mistakes, concerns and unsafe situations so that we can learn from them and help everyone not to be involved in accidents.

Provide as much information as you can; the fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory. Unless you explicitly ask to contact you, this report is completely anonymous.

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Safety awareness: a partnership

  • The Local Runway Safety Team, which meets every 2 months, is committed to increasing Runway Safety and is composed of pilots, traffic controllers and safety managers. The main objective is to reduce the number of Runway Incursions based on Eurocontrol's European Action Plan for The Prevention of Runway Incursions.
  • The Apron Safety Committee aims to continuously improve the safety level at Brussels Airport by means of an integrated Safety Management System. The Apron Safety Committee's duties include proactively and reactively reporting hazards and risks, identifying and evaluating these hazards and risks, and investigating hazards, incidents and accidents.

The Apron Safety Key Performance Indicators are also drawn up, followed up and evaluated during this meeting. The “lessons learned” of certain safety-related incidents and events are communicated to the airport community via this channel and the recommendations and advice taken from the Apron Safety Committee are passed on to the relevant management platforms and the Brussels Airport Safety Board.

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Airside traffic rules: traffic rules for your safety on airside

Read the airside traffic rules here

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