Rational Use of Energy (RUE)

  • Action programme of the Flemish government
  • Encourage companies to implement energy-saving measures

Thanks to RUE, energy-saving measures are stimulated that not only benefit the environment, but also the consumer's wallet.

Rational Use of Energy or RUE is the action programme of the Flemish government that encourages companies to implement energy-saving measures.

The benefits of the RUE action plan

All operators of public distribution grids have a public service obligation to successfully implement this action plan. However, DNB BA is a closed distribution system operator and is exempt from this. These obligations are in this case taken up by the operator of the grid to which DNB BA is linked: Elia.

DNB BA nevertheless encourages this action plan: RUE is not only beneficial for the environment, but also for energy bills. DNB BA therefore helps its customers to obtain RUE premiums that stimulate the application of new energy technologies.

How do I apply for the RUE premium?

To be able to claim the RUE premium, you must submit an application via DNB BA, according to the terms of the Elia local transmission grid.

  1. Read more at DNB BA
  2. Contact Elia

Read which conditions you must meet to have a chance to win this premium here.

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