Parking rules & regulations

  • General points and liability
  • Car park badges & use of the parking facilities
  • Violations

Article 1: general points and liability

1.1. By using the car park badge, the company accepts the parking regulations, which set the relations between the company and Brussels Airport Company NV (hereafter the Airport Operator). The parking regulations are handed to the company upon conclusion of the parking agreement.

1.2. These car parks are managed by “Parkingbeheer” (Car Park Management), a unit of the Airport Operator. In exceptional circumstances, not stipulated in the regulations, the company is bound to observe the special orders given by this unit.

Car Park Management can be contacted at the following address:
Brussels Airport Company NV
Dienst Parkingbeheer
Arrivals Hall (via the information desk)
Luchthaven Brussel-Nationaal
1930 Zaventem
Tel. 02/753 68 44; fax. 02/753 68 30

1.3. The Airport Operator is no bailee and consequently has no custody obligation. The parking facilities are put at the company’s disposal for normal and temporary use; the company remains at all times responsible for the vehicles, it’s users and it’s contents. This also implies that the Airport Operator can not be held liable for any damage caused by third parties to the vehicles or it’s users. The users are also bound not to keep any materials in their vehicles that may endanger the safety of Brussels Airport or its users.

Article 2: the car park badge

2.1. The car park badge is put at the user’s disposal by the Airport Operator and remains the property of the Airport Operator. As a rule, it is to be paid in advance every year. Per badge, a guarantee of 25 euro is to be paid. This guarantee will be paid back after conclusion that the company has fulfilled all its obligations on return of the car park badge in good condition. A car park badge is delivered as soon as the fee and the guarantee have been paid.

2.2. The car park badge only gives access to the car park(s) for which it was delivered and during the period that was paid for in advance. The car park badge is strictly personal and linked to the name of the user and the number plate of his/her car. Every change therein has to be notified to the Airport Operator.

2.3. In case the badge is lost or severely damaged, a new guarantee shall be requested; in case of the usual wear and tear the badge is replaced free of charge.

2.4. If, whatever the reason, the user wishes to end the parking agreement, the car park badge is to be returned to the Airport Operator car park management at all times.

Article 3: use of the parking facilities

3.1. The parking facilities are intended exclusively for parking vehicles. Any other use is prohibited.

3.2. The car park badge gives access to the car park, but does not guarantee a reserved parking space, unless this was specifically agreed in the parking agreement. The Airport Operator will see to it that the car parks are not full up in normal circumstances.

3.3. A vehicle may not be left in the car park during more than 7 successive days without the prior approval of the Airport Operator.

3.4. In the car parks, users drive their vehicle at their own risk and peril. They are bound to observe the speed limit of 10 km/h as well as the signage and markings in the car park. The general traffic regulations apply. As soon as the car is parked, the engine has to be turned off.

3.5. If the Airport Operator reasonably believes that the car or its contents may at any moment cause danger to people and/or objects, the Airport Operator has the right to have the vehicle removed, without the user being entitled to any compensation, if possible the Airport Operator will inform the company. In this case an official report shall be drawn up.

Article 4: violations

4.1. Improper use of the car park badge may lead to the immediate withdrawal thereof without the user being entitled to any compensation. If necessary the Airport Operator may undertake any step to claim compensation for the losses incurred.

4.2. If the maximum parking time of 7 days is exceeded without prior agreement, the Airport Operator may have the car clamped or removed at the cost and risk of the company.

4.3. In case of flagrant or repeated violation (not responding to reminders of the Airport Operator) the car park badge will be withdrawn and the car may be clamped or towed away, at the risk and cost of the company. The company will also have to pay the administrative costs, which amount to €100.

4.4. In all cases of violation, the Airport Operator will inform the company of the measures taken.

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