Operational communication

At Brussels Airport we strive to keep our customers updated on the developments at our airport. One of the principal channels of communication with the airport users is the Brussels Airport Extranet. Besides, we also have operational blog messages (adverse weather, traffic jams on the access roads, technical breakdowns, strikes…) that are sent by mail. 

What exactly is this Extranet?
Extranet is an online platform where users, who have requested a login and password, will find a wide range of useful information. On this platform users can consult the operational status of the airport, meeting reports and (operational) manuals.

In 2014 the Extranet was extended with a commercial section which provides all kinds of information including new shops and services, contact details and opening hours. 

A third chapter is reserved for large-scale projects such as Connector.

How to request access?

  1. Do you wish to receive the operational blog messages by mail?
    Your contact at Brussels Airport can have you added to the mailing list. A distinction is made between airside and landside (terminal) messages.
  2. Do you wish to request a login and password for the Brussels Airport Extranet?
    Click on the button below for more information.