Airport Community App

  • For real-time operational information on the go

The Airport Community App, an essential tool for all operational teams at Brussels Airport who need real-time info on the go, is available for all companies active at the airport.

It gives information in a clear way making it possible to follow-up processes, act proactively and take decisions faster. It’s a handy extra tool for people who don’t always have direct access to a desktop PC.

Following functionalities are available:

  • Home page with highlighted information, overall punctuality and foreseen arriving & departing passenger totals
  • Overview arriving/departing flights with A-CDM info
  • Overview of the reclaim belts
  • Map of the terminal and the piers
  • Airport Calendar
  • My subscriptions, where you can sign up to receive notifications on e.g. Airport Calendar, Announcements, cancelled flights, delayed flights,…
  • Shop & Dine
  • Fault reporting
  • Map Airstat
  • Jargon Buster
  • Contacts

How to request access?

You can get the app via Android/iOS => Airport Labs - Airport Community 



The first time you open the app you will have to login by using your professional email address provided by your employer (private email addresses like Gmail, Hotmail… are not accepted)

You will receive a PIN code to activate your account and after selecting BRU as current airport you are ready to go.

The Airport Community App is free of charge as is the airport’s Wi-Fi in the terminal and piers.