Connected by technology

  • The new oil of Brussels Airport
  • A combination of old and new applications

The launch of an Airport Operations Plan (AOP), a plan in which we bundle together all of our current activities in order to guarantee safe, secure and efficient flows, wouldn´t be possible without IT. Technology plays an essential role in the plan. Our IT team will not only build the AOP platform itself, but will also ensure that all tools are up and running so that our operational colleagues can do their work easily and correctly. We bring all tools and data together in a single platform, a kind of portal from which everyone can start their own journey and everyone can click through to the different flows (passengers, baggage, aircraft & accessibility). This means that everyone can maintain and monitor their own sub-processes.

The IT department of Brussels Airport will integrate all our current applications into the platform. The biggest challenge? Getting everyone who is now involved in the various flows onto the new platform. So we’re looking for the most user-friendly and intuitive way to present all of the information. We offer the users clear insights instead of just raw data. In this way, we are convinced that together we can make this platform a success.