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E-learning modules

Before an airport ID badge can be issued, the employee for whom a badge request was submitted must pass a test to prove that they have the basic knowledge to be able to work at the airport and guarantee their own safety and that of all others.

To allow them to prepare for the tests, an e-learning course was developed.

The modules are available below (it is no longer possible to view the modules at the Badges service).

This e-learning course consists of two modules:

  • a ‘security awareness’ module (on average this takes about 40 minutes)
  • a ‘health & safety’ module (average duration:  10 minutes)

All applicants will be tested on both modules except for Brussels Airport Company staff and diplomats who will only be tested on the security awareness module.

The e-learning modules are publicly available to all, so we do not log who takes the course. However, everyone who applies for an airport ID badge is supposed to follow the e-learning course so that they are familiar with all safety and security regulations. Taking the e-learning course is also necessary to pass the test  

The modules also contain a set of practice questions to help candidates prepare for the actual test. These practice questions do not count in the final test result.

To the 'security awareness' module

To the 'Health & Safety' module


Online e-learning test (login)

The e-learning test can only be taken online.

We are counting on you, as an employer, to handle these tests responsibly and take the necessary measures to ensure that the future badge holder takes this test in person and complies with the usual examination principles. Please note that, in case of doubt, the test results will be considered invalid. 

To request a test, please provide us with the details below. You will then receive the link to the test(s) together with the login details.

Please send the following details to training@aviatoacademy.com :

- Surname
- First name
- Date of birth
- Company name
- Language (EN/NL/FR)

With your login details you can log on to learn.aviatoacademy.com

To obtain an airport ID badge, the candidate needs to succeed the Security Awareness test with a score of at least 6 out of 10 (duration: on average 6 minutes). The candidate can take the Security Awareness test maximum twice on the same day.

The result of the ‘health & safety’ test (duration: ± 6 min.) has no impact on the issuance of the airport ID badge. However, the results per company will be monitored on a regular basis.


If the overall results are unsatisfactory, the Health & Safety service of Brussels Airport Company will discuss this with the employer and will urge the latter to increase health and safety awareness among their employees.

As soon as the applicant has successfully passed the test(s) and is notified by their employer that their airport ID badge is ready for pickup, they can make an online appointment here to collect their badge at the Badges service.

Please remind your employee to bring their identity card when they come to collect their badge at the Badges service, as well as the QR code for the appointment.