E-learning course

  • A test consisting of 2 modules
  • After taking the course, you can take the test

Before an airport ID badge can be issued, the employee for whom a badge request was submitted has to pass a test to prove that they have the basic knowledge to be able to work at the airport and guarantee their own safety and that of all others.
So as to allow them to prepare for the test, Brussels Airport developed an e-learning course.

This e-learning course consists of two modules: a security awareness section and a health & safety section. All applicants will be tested on both modules with the exception of Brussels Airport Company staff and diplomats who will only be tested on security awareness module.

After taking the course all applicants are to present themselves at the badges service to pass the test. 

To the 'security awareness' module

To the 'Health & Safety' module

Every applicant must successfully pass the test on security awareness in order to be able to get the airport badge. The results of the test on health & safety have no influence on the awarding of the airport badge. However, account will be taken of the results by screening the general trend for each employer. In other words, the results are regularly monitored and if the results are unsatisfactory, the Health & Safety service of Brussels Airport Company will talk to the employer about this and encourage awareness.