B2B Online Shop

The Online Shop is an online trading platform for the sale of products of several vendors to users of this platform. This is operated by Brussels Airport Company and available at https://shop.brusselsairport.be.


Upon signature of a Partnership Agreement with Brussels Airport Company, you can display and promote one or more specific referral links to these products on your "affiliate marketing channels" in order to generate sales with your customers. The format of the links will be drawn up by BAC as listed below.

Source Partner
Medium Email/banner/QR/...
Campaign Referral
Content Can be used to clarify content, e.g. language version, format banner, etc.
Example https://shop.brusselsairport.be/en?utm_source=partner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=referral&utm_content=en

For further information, see the conditions of your Partnership Agreement.