Smooth operations at Brussels Airport

  • A new way of working together
  • An efficient passenger throughput
  • Launch of the transfer matrix

Brussels Airport is launching its Airport Operations Plan (AOP), a plan with which we map out all of the processes at the airport and link them together, which is to ensure smoother flows through the airport, while we keep guaranteeing safe and secure operations. Naturally we aren´t simply launching the AOP just like that. Our goal is to raise the airport to a new level, on which all of the processes take place in a more streamlined manner. The AOP thus offers many advantages compared to how we currently work at Brussels Airport. Not only our colleagues and partners will feel it, but our passengers as well.

The use of data ensures better collaboration amongst the various partners at Brussels Airport, because we will be able to share more information with one another. As a result we’ll be able to do our work more easily and avoid difficult working conditions for our employees and partners. 

The passengers will also feel the difference. Not only at the airport, but already from the moment they leave home. At the airport, the passengers will smoothly pass through all of the processes, from check-in to passport control and boarding itself. With the AOP we make sure that the waiting times for the passengers are minimal, at every point in the journey. In December 2018, for example, we launched the first part of our AOP: the transfer matrix. The transfer matrix is an entirely new tool with which we monitor passengers between 2 connecting flights. Using the data we get a clear picture of their walking time and waiting time at security screening and passport control. So we can calculate whether they’ll catch their connecting flight. If that seems unlikely, we look for alternative solutions in order to still get the passengers to their airplane seat.