Care & Facilities

  • Information desk for all your questions at arrival level
  • Smoking rooms are located in Pier B near gate B17 and in Pier A near gates A/T63 and A30
  • Drinking fountains at all sanitary units at the gates

Information desk

The Brussels Airport information desk is located in the arrivals hall on your right-hand side when you leave the baggage hall. You can find all the information about the airport infrastructure and facilities, referrals to tour operators and airlines, public transport, etc.

Our staff also gladly helps you with tourist information about destinations in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels.

Opening hours

From 8:00 to 18:00.

Seek help from our Airport Crew

If you have questions or need help at Brussels Airport, the members of our Airport Crew will gladly help you. They speak several languages and are easily identifiable by their green shirts with the inscription 'May I help you?'.


The Brussels Airport pharmacy is located in the departures hall. You will find the full range of pharmaceutical products that your own pharmacy offers. In addition, our pharmacist has a wide range of care products and accessories. Less common products are available within a delivery time of two hours after ordering.

The pharmacy is open every day from 7:00 to 19:00.

Contact information

  • Pharmacist Johan Van Hoey
  • Tel +32 2 753 20 23
  • Fax +32 2 753 20 24


Restrooms - also for wheelchair users - are located throughout the airport terminal. Most restrooms are equipped for changing babies. The use of the restrooms is free.

Most restrooms are also equipped with vending machines from which you can buy contraceptives and sanitary towels.

Drinking fountains

For safety reasons, liquids in bottles of more than 100 ml cannot be taken past security screening. That does not mean, however, that you have to suffer thirst!

There are various drinking water fountains available at the sanitary blocks. You will find 6 in Pier A and 3 in Pier B (level Departure).

Pier A:

  • Between gate A45 & A47
  • Between gate A46 & A48
  • Between gate A54 & A56
  • Between gate A57 & A59
  • Between gate A65 & A67
  • Between gate A66 & A68

Pier B:

  • Between gate B07 & B09
  • Between gate B17 & B27
  • Next to gate B37

Water with a cause

A bottle of water at a democratic price whilst supporting a good cause? It's possible!

Brussels Airport has been offering travel water for more than two years: 50 cl bottles of water that can be purchased at an unmanned stand for only €1 each beyond the passenger screening platform.

The initiative is linked to charity: the proceeds from the stands will be donated to Unicef, the WWF, the Belgian Red Cross and SOS Kinderdorpen, the charities that Brussels Airport supports. This is why the stand is called 'Water with a Cause'.

You will find them beyond passenger screening in Connector (towards gates A) and at the beginning of pier B.

Praying and meditation

At the airport, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant passengers can find their own prayer room. There are also meditation rooms for freethinkers.

Pier A: The praying and meditation rooms of Pier A can be reached with the elevators or escalators at gate 42.

Pier B: The prayer and meditation rooms of Pier B are located on the mezzanine of the tax-free shopping zone of Pier B. The escalator is located on the left after the passport control.

Contact information

  • Islamic prayer room: Telephone + 32 2 753 45 53
  • Jewish prayer room: Telephone +32 3 281 08 45
  • Catholic prayer room: Telephone +32 2 753 68 76
  • Orthodox prayer room: Telephone +32 2 753 68 82
  • Protestant prayer room: Telephone +32 2 753 68 77
  • Meditation room freethinkers: Telephone +32 2 753 68 78

Smoking at Brussels Airport

Three smoking zones are available at Brussels Airport: in Pier B near gate B17 and in Pier A near gate A/T63 and near gate A30. 

The smoking room in Pier A/T is located beyond border control.

During morning hours, gates A/T 61 through A/T 72 are only accessible for passengers travelling to Africa or the USA. Before 2pm, the smoking room at gate A/T 63 can therefore only be used by these passengers. This is related to the application of the Schengen Agreement.

In Belgium, smoking is prohibited in public buildings - including airports - except in specially equipped smoking rooms. This ban also applies to electronic cigarettes. To meet the needs of long-distance and transfer passengers, however, Brussels Airport provides 2 smoking rooms.

Photo booths

You can find the photo booths in the departure hall (Diamant and Hall 2) and in the arrival hall (next to Quick).


A shower is available at the Regus Brussels Airport Terminal Meeting centre, situated on the 4th floor of the airport terminal, above the departure hall (+1) and arrival hall (+2). The ideal opportunity to freshen up after a flight.

The centre is open from Monday till Friday between 8.30 AM and 6.00 PM.

For prices and conditions, don't hesitate to contact us at, by phone on the number +32 2 753 26 60 or come and meet the reception team in the centre.