Children Facilities

  • Baby food in hand baggage
  • Baby care facilities
  • Airport games for the little ones

Are you flying with your child(ren) through Brussels Airport soon and want to make your journey as smooth as possible? At Brussels Airport you will find everything you need for a pleasant journey with young children and babies. From play areas and airport games to care facilities for the little ones.

Baby food in hand baggage

The amount of liquids and gels you are allowed to carry in your hand luggage is limited. Baby food, both milk and jarred food, is allowed in your carry-on bags. Keep in mind that bags or jars may be opened at the security check. 

Baby care facilities 

Brussels Airport has several equipped rooms for feeding and changing babies. These are indicated by the baby care symbol. These facilities are provided in most of the toilet areas in the terminals and the gates.

Running out of nappies before the flight? No worries, you can find nappies, baby wipes and other baby care products at WHSmith stores.

Prams and pushchairs 

Small, foldable baby carriages and strollers may be taken up to the aircraft entrance. They will be checked separately at the security checkpoint.

Fun for kids at the airport

Looking to let your kids have some fun before the flight? There are plenty of kids activities available after passing through security screening. 

Food and drinks

At Brussels Airport you will find several child-friendly restaurants:

  • Belgian brasserie Belgorama (Gates A)
  • Bistrot, cosy food corner (Gates B)
  • Pizzeria Amo (Gates A)
  • Panos (Gates A)
  • Hi! Brussels (Arrivals Hall)
  • Quick (Arrivals Hall)

You can have your baby food reheated in all the eateries. Our staff is ready to help you. Do you prefer to do it yourself? You'll find microwave ovens in the self-service restaurants, Belgorama (Gates A) and Bistrot (Gates B).

Shopping with kids

In a shopping mood? Whether it is toys, souvenirs or a nice present for the little ones, you will find it at the airport. The Gift Box in the shopping area of Gates A is a true treasure trove with an extensive range of toys. At Tintin & Toys, you will find toys, cuddly toys and, of course, Tintin articles. This shop is located in the shopping zone of Gates B.