Access & Security Control

  • Clearing security quickly and smoothly: tips
  • Hand luggage screening
  • Screening of your person

Boarding Pass to hand

Always keep your boarding pass to hand. You require it several times during the security screening. Don’t forget to bring it with you after the security screening: you still need your boarding pass to board.

The cleaning frequency of the trays at security screening is increased and thanks to the markings on the floor you are reminded to respect the mandatory distance. 


Hand luggage screening

Place your hand luggage and personal items into the plastic trays for the security screening. 

What should you pay attention to?

  • Liquids and gels
    • Only liquids and gels in containers of up to 100 ml are permitted
    • These must be placed in a transparent, resealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre.
    • Pack your plastic bag at home. That way you can quickly remove it from your hand luggage for the security screening. 
    • What is considered as liquids&gels?
  • Electronic devices: 
    • Remove your laptop or other electronic devices from their travel case or your carry-on luggage. These devices are checked separately.
    • Electronic devices to be presented separately: Appliances larger than 15 x 21 cm, powered appliances or batteries larger than 20 cm.
    • Don’t place any other items on top of or underneath your electronic devices.
  • Medication and baby food: 
    • Small jars or bottles of baby food are only permitted for use during the flight. 
    • Solid medication is permitted.
    • Present liquid medication separately in a transparent and resealable bag. Quantities should be limited to necessary use during the journey.
    • Needles are permitted.

What is strictly prohibited?

Objects with a sharp point or a sharp edge such as scissors, for example, may cause a problem at security. You should therefore store these in the luggage that you hand in at check-in. 

View a complete list of what is not permitted in your hand luggage

Screening of your person

You too will be screened. Follow the security screening rules below:

  • Remove all metal objects, such as keys, mobile phone, coins, wallet from your pockets and take off your belt, and place these items in a plastic tray.
  • Remove your coat and place it in a plastic tray, together with your hand baggage.
  • Keep your shoes and glasses on. Should the alarm sound, then special procedures and equipment will be employed.

Additional screening

Always follow security staff instructions during the security screening.You or your luggage may be selected for additional screening. This is done for your own safety and that of the other passengers.

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