Security Control

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  • Smoothly through Security Screening
  • Screening of hand baggage
  • Screening of passengers

To ensure a smooth journey and to save time, always have your boarding pass ready. You will have to show it several times before, during and after the Security Screening.

Screening of hand baggage

Hand baggage will always be checked during Security Screening. Below you will find an overview of what may and may not be carried in your hand baggage.

Please make sure to only bring liquid and gels in containers of up to 100 ml. These must be packed in a releasable, transparent plastic 1-litre bag. If possible, please pack your plastic bag before you get to the airport. That way, you can easily remove it from your hand baggage at security screening. Resealable bags are also available at security screening entrance.

Find all the information about permitted liquids and gels here.

Do you have any electronic devices in your hand baggage? Take them out of your baggage and remove their travel case/sleeve.

Devices larger than 15 x 21 cm or batteries larger than 20 cm need to be separated. Don’t place any other items on top or underneath your electronic devices.

Do you want to carry baby food or medication in your hand baggage? Small jars or bottles of baby food are permitted for use during the flight.

Solid medication and needles for medical use are permitted in your hand baggage.

Liquid medication should be separately carried in a transparent and resealable bag.  Quantities should be limited to necessary use during your journey.

View the complete list of what is not permitted in your hand baggage.

People Screening

You will have to walk through the screening detector.

Please follow these rules:

  • Remove your coat, take off your belt and put it in the plastic tray. Also remove all metal objects, such as keys, coins and your mobile phone.
  • Keep your shoes and glasses on, unless the airport crew asks you differently.
  • Should the alarm go off when you walk through the detector, the airport crew will give you instructions.

Additional Screening

It is always possible that there will be an additional Security Screening. This is for your own safety and that of the other passengers. Please make sure to follow the security staff instructions.

When to arrive at the airport

If you want to know when it's best to arrive at the airport, check the Time Advisor tool.

Time Advisor

Want to make sure you're on time? For Schengen flights, arrive at the airport 2 hours in advance. For non-Schengen flights, make sure to arrive 3 hours in advance.