Connecting flights

  • Connecting smoothly at Brussels Airport
  • Your transfer information is displayed on the screens
  • Your luggage and boarding card, ready to transfer

Connecting smoothly 

Got a connecting flight at Brussels Airport? We ensure that your transfer goes smoothly. 

Watch the video or browse the guide to a smooth transfer at Brussels Airport.


Getting to the right place quickly and easily

There are three departure zones at Brussels Airport: zones A, B and T.

Here is a simplified plan of the departure zones:

To move from one zone to another, follow the red Connections signage to your departure gate.

Information on the overview screens

We help you to accomplish a smooth transfer at Brussels Airport. Take a look at how to go about your transfer.

Check the time

  • Check the local time immediately upon arrival at Brussels Airport.
  • If necessary, set your watch to the correct time zone.

Look for your flight

You can locate your flight on the flight information screens. These display the following details:

  • Flights are listed according to planned departure time and destination. Please note! Some flights operate under more than one flight number. In that case, flight numbers are displayed alternately.
  • Time at which the gate number will appear on the information screens.
  • Departure zone: the departure zone is also displayed as soon as your gate number appears.
  • The walking time to your gate. Please note! The walking time on flight information screens does not take into account waiting times for security screening or border control. So allow some margin.

Getting from zone B to zone T

  • If you arrive in zone B and your connecting flight departs from zone T, then you need to take a shuttle bus. 

  • Follow the red Connections signage to zone T. 
  • Buses leave every 10 minutes. The journey takes approximately 5 minutes. 

What happens to your baggage during the transfer?

Check whether you need to reclaim your baggage. That depends on your airline.

Your baggage is usually checked in to your final destination. You do not need to reclaim it from the Brussels Airport baggage hall. 

  • Check the baggage label that you receive upon check-in. Is your final destination printed on this? Then you can be certain that your baggage will go to your final destination. 
  • Alternatively ask your airline, or upon check-in, whether your baggage will travel directly to your final destination. 

What about your boarding pass?

You usually receive all requisite boarding passes upon your initial check-in. Thus including those for your connecting flight.

Check with your airline in advance, or upon check in of your first flight, whether you have all the requisite boarding passes. If not, you can proceed to the gate.

Organised your own connection?

Booked your arriving and connecting flights individually on a separate ticket? Then you have organised your own flight connection.  Follow these steps for a smooth flight transfer. 

  • Follow the Baggage Reclaim and Exit Brussels signage.
  • Depart the baggage hall via customs.
  • Did you check in your baggage? Then remember to reclaim this from the baggage hall and check it in again.
  • Proceed to the next floor up, to the departures hall.
  • Check in to obtain your boarding pass. 

Check the flight information screens regularly to ensure that you have up-to-date information. Or consult the flight info on our website or via the Brussels Airport Mobile App. 


  • Use the roadmaps at various locations. They explain what you need to do prior to arriving at your departure gate.
  • Allow some extra time if you still need to pass through border control or security screening.

More info about security screening.