Connecting flights

  • Connecting smoothly at Brussels Airport
  • Your connecting flight information is displayed on the screens
  • Your luggage and boarding card, ready to transfer

Special attention during COVID-19 when connecting at Brussels Airport

As a connecting passenger, there are a number of documents to think of, especially in these times. 

Ask your airline or during check-in if you have all the necessary documents for your onward journey. It might be that your connecting flight is operated by another airline.  So ask both airlines, just to be sure.

Possible extra documents during this COVID-19 period are:

  • Documents needed in the country of destination such as a negative COVID-19 test. Check the conditions you need to meet for your travel destination.
  • Passport of your second nationality, if you have dual nationality.
  • If you are a self-connecting passenger, i.e. if you have booked two separate flights yourself with a layover at Brussels Airport, and one of the flights is a non-EU flight, you will have to pass border control once you've arrived in Belgium. You can find the restrictions that would apply via the tool below. Belgium is already prefilled as the country you return to. You only need to select the country you are returning from. Under ’Passport’, select your nationality. Finally, indicate whether or not you are fully vaccinated. 

How to connect quickly and easily

Please check the map of the departure zones below:

To go from one zone to another, follow the red Connections sign to your departure gate.

Information on the overview screens

We help you to accomplish a smooth transfer at Brussels Airport. Have a look at how to go about your transfer.

Check the time

  • Check the local time immediately upon arrival at Brussels Airport.
  • If necessary, set your watch to the correct time zone.

Look for your flight

You can locate your flight on the flight information screens. The following details are shown:

  • Flights are listed by planned departure time and destination. Some flights operate under more than one flight number. In that case, flight numbers are displayed in rotation on the screens.
  • The time when the gate number will appear on the information screens.
  • Departure zone: the departure zone is also displayed as soon as your gate number appears.
  • The walking time to your gate. Be aware that the estimated walking time on flight information screens does not take into account waiting times at security screening or border control. So allow extra time to go through security screening and border control.

What about your baggage during transfer?

It depends on your airline. It may be that you need to pick up your baggage.

Your baggage is usually checked through to your final destination. You do not need to collect it in the Brussels Airport reclaim hall. 

  • Check the baggage label that you receive upon check-in. Is it showing your final destination? Then you can be certain that your baggage will go through to your final destination. 
  • To be sure ask your airline or the check-in agents before travelling.  

What about your boarding pass?

Usually, you will receive your boarding passes, including those for your connecting flight, upon check-in.

Check with your airline or on check-in of your first flight, that you have all necessary boarding passes and possible transit documents.  You can also check with the staff at the boarding gate.

Organised your own flight connection?

If you booked your flights separately to create your own flight connection, you will have to pick up your baggage at Brussels Airport.

  • Follow the signage Baggage Reclaim and Exit Brussels.
  • Collect your baggage and leave the baggage reclaim hall via customs.
  • Head to the departures hall
  • Check in for your connecting flight and get your onward boarding pass before continuing your journey.

Check the flight information screens regularly to ensure that you have up-to-date information. Or view the flight info on our website or download the Brussels Airport Mobile App. 



  • Allow extra time if you need to go through border control or security screening
  • Use the roadmaps at various locations to see what you need to do before arriving at your departure gate. They look like this: