Self Bag Drop

  • Check in your own hold baggage
  • For short and medium-haul flights
  • Save time at check-in

Are you travelling with Brussels Airlines or another Lufthansa Group airline (Austrian, Swiss or Lufthansa Airlines)? And have you checked in online in advance? Then you can use the Self Bag Drop at Brussels Airport.

You check in your hold baggage yourself at one of the label kiosks. You will find them on check-in row 4 in the departures hall.

In total, there are 16 label kiosks and 6 bag drops where you can put your baggage on the conveyor belt. Is there a problem? Don't worry. The staff will be there to help you every time.

How does it work?

  1. Register online in advance
  2. Go to a label kiosk and scan your boarding pass
  3. Attach the label to your suitcase
  4. Go to the baggage carousels and place your bag on the belt
  5. Scan your baggage ticket
  6. Take your receipt and go to security screening

The big advantage? You save time!

Can I wrap my baggage? 

Have your luggage wrapped by Excess Baggage Company in the Departure Hall and board the plane with peace of mind.

Brussels Airport only allows certified wrapping. Any luggage wrapped with unapproved foil will be refused at the check-in counter. Luggage wrapped with unapproved foil can damage the baggage handling system and cause baggage jams resulting in a delay of the baggage delivery. This is disadvantageous for our passengers and the whole airport community.

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