Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.   

What are the transport options to and from Brussels Airport?  

There are several transport possibilities.   

 You can find all the information here.   

You can find a complete overview of all services at Brussels Airport here.

Which shops can I find at the airport?

You can find the overview of all the shops at the airport here. Would you like to shop in advance? That is possible! Shop online in advance and collect your order later. 

Which bars and restaurants can I find at the airport?

There are many bars and restaurants at Brussels Airport. Check the complete overview here

At Brussels Airport, we want to help our passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) in the best possible way, tailored to their needs. 

Please inform your airline, travel agent or tour operator at least 48 hours before departure of your need for assistance. When booking your trip, please inform the travel agent about the nature of your disability and the type of assistance you will need. Find all the information here

Are you travelling with an (electric) wheelchair? Please contact your airline or travel agent at least 48 hours before departure to request assistance. If your request is received later, we will make every effort to assist you, but priority will be given to passengers who have applied in advance.


We recommend using your (electric) wheelchair until your reach the plane entrance instead of handing it in at the check-in. Your wheelchair will be safely boarded from there. When you return, your wheelchair will be delivered to the aircraft entrance. Kindly wait there to retrieve your wheelchair.

What can I take with me in my hand baggage?

Exactly what you can take with you in your hand baggage depends on your airline and your flight ticket. So check the conditions on your ticket or with your airline. Find all tips here.

What can I take in my hold baggage?

How many suitcases can you take as hold baggage? This is determined by your airline. It also determines how large and how heavy your bags may be. Consult your ticket or check with your airline company what you are allowed to take. 

No matter how many suitcases, bags or sacks you take or how heavy everything weighs in total, each individual item may never weigh more than 32 kg. See all tips here.

I am travelling with special baggage. What should I do?

Do you want to take luggage that is larger than normal or has a special shape, such as a bicycle, a golf bag or a large musical instrument? Or do you want to take baggage that is heavier than the maximum of 32 kilos? We advise you to contact your airline or travel agency in time. They can tell you what the conditions are and how much this would cost extra. View all information here.

How do I find out the details of my flight?

You can always follow the latest details of your flight here

My flight has been cancelled. What do I do now?

We are sorry to hear that your flight has been cancelled. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about it as an airport. We advise you to contact your airline or travel agent directly. You can find the contact details here.

Help, I have lost something. What do I do now?

Have you lost something at the airport? We will help you find it! Our clever 'wizard' will guide you through a few questions. So you know who to contact or you can report your lost item immediately. Start your search here.

Help, my baggage is damaged. What do I do now?

 The baggage handlers handle your baggage. Is your baggage damaged? Please contact the handling agent of the airline you flew with. At Brussels Airport Aviapartner and Alyzia are the baggage handlers.

In this list you will find all airlines and all related details.

Do you notice the damage immediately when picking up your baggage? Then go immediately to the desk of the handling agent to make a report. The desks are located near belts 7 and 8 in the baggage hall.

Did you notice the damage later? Then contact the handling agent's Lost & Found service as soon as possible.

Do you have any other questions? Then BRUce, your personal travel assistant, will be glad to help you.