Travelling with reduced mobility - FAQ

  • Brussels Airport wants to make travelling for passengers with reduced mobility as easy as possible
  • When booking assistance, many questions are asked, which are important to make sure the assistance meets your needs
  • Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

At Brussels Airport, we aim to help our passengers with reduced mobility (PRM) in the best way possible, tailored to their needs.


How can I give feedback on the service I have received?

We appreciate all feedback to improve the services we offer. To say thank you or to make a complaint, ask a question or do a suggestion, all means to contact us can be found here.  

How can I ask for assistance to travel through the airport?

Please inform your airline, travel agent or tour operator of your assistance needs at least 48 hours before departure. When booking your trip, inform the travel agent of the nature of your disability and the kind of assistance you will require. Your travel agent will inform the airline with which you are travelling. If you book online, you can register on the airline's website. This will enable the airline to make all  necessary arrangements for you to receive the desired services at Brussels Airport, both on your departure and return, and at your destination airport.

For what may I ask assistance at the airport? 

We provide assistance to passengers with reduced mobility who need help travelling through the airport. We will not assist in shopping, eating/drinking, translating,...

Do I need to present myself at the (Special) Assistance Welcome Desk or at the check-in desk? 

To receive assistance it is important that you check in first at the check-in desk. You will need your boarding pass at the (Special) Assistance Welcome Desk. 

I have asked for assistance, can you have someone pick me up at the car park? 

If you need assistance to get from your car at the car park to the terminal, please call our departure desk on 02 753 2204. We will send an agent to assist you. 

Is it possible to borrow a wheelchair which my family / travel companion can push? 

Yes this is possible. We provide wheelchairs at the PRM Reception desk which can be used in the airport until your board your flight. If you borrow a wheelchair, the airport will not be held responsible in case you injure yourself or in case you miss your flight. 

Do I need to bring any special documentation to receive assistance?

No, you do not have to prove your need of assistance because assistance to PRMs is not considered a health service. We do, however, recommend you to reserve your assistance with your airline at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled departure time. 

I have asked for assistance, can my travel companion stay with me during the assistance? 

We will never separate you from your escort if you need to travel with them. Otherwise, we always take into account your requirements and, subject to the availability of our vehicles, usually at least one of your companions will be able to come with you. When this is not possible, you will meet up with your companion directly at the gate, on the plane, or we will agree upon a meeting point together. That is why we recommend that you keep your travel documents and boarding pass with you at all times!

Am I allowed to use my own wheelchair up to the airplane? 

Yes, every passenger travelling with their own wheelchair has the right to use it up to the door of the aircraft. 

If I check in online and already have a boarding pass, how long in advance do I have to arrive at the airport? Can I go directly to the boarding gate?

We recommend that you follow the advice given by the airline you are flying with as regards the boarding time and to make sure you have plenty of time. Don’t forget to let us know you have arrived at the airport at one of the PRM callpoints, at the check-in desk or at the PRM Assistance desk. It is recommended that you go to our PRM assistance desk at least 90 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

What happens when my mobility equipment is damaged during my flight? 

If your mobility equipment has been damanged during the flight please immediately inform your airline. You will need to fill in a specific damage report at the baggage claim hall to receive a case number.

Can my assistance dog travel with me? 

Assistance dogs are very welcome at the airport. If you wish to be accompanied on your trip by your dog, please check with your airline in advance on the regulations for travelling with dogs.

I have a pacemaker, what do I need to know? 

Persons with pacemakers or prosthetics can request alternative screening. Please approach the screening personnel or the agent who is assisting you.