Oversized baggage

  • Different types of oversized luggage
  • Check-in and pickup of oversized luggage

What is oversized luggage?

Do you want to travel with baggage that is larger than the standard baggage size or odd-shaped such as a bicycle, a golf bag or a large musical instrument? We advise you to contact your airline or travel agency in advance. They can inform you of their conditions regarding non-standard baggage and of whether any additional costs apply.

Non-standard baggage must always be packed correctly to prevent loss or damage. For extra protection you can visit BagWrap, which is located in the departure hall.

Wheelchairs and prams can usually be taken as far as the entrance of the aircraft. At the checkpoint they are checked separately.

At the Bike Service Point at level 0 (near the Bus station) you can disassemble or assemble a bike at the mechanical service station in this area. The station is equipped with tools, a bike pump and a stand to hang your bike on.

Oversized baggage counter 

The check-in agent will ask you to hand in your oversized baggage at a separate desk. This is located at the back of the departure hall near check-in rows 2 and 3.

Upon arrival in Belgium, you can pick up your oversized baggage at the separate counter in the baggage hall, near baggage carousel 7. It is best to first pick up your normal luggage at the provided belt and afterwards your oversized baggage.