Meet and chat with BRUce

BRUce, your personal assistant for your trip through Brussels Airport. 

Have a question? Ask our chatbot BRUce, he knows almost everything 😉 . 



BRUce is  Brussels Airport’s chatbot and a genuine travel addict. BRUce is your personal virtual assistant whose main purpose is to make your trip through Brussels Airport as pleasant as possible.  If BRUce cannot help you further, he will redirect you to one of our live agents for assistance.


Bruce answers to various questions about flights and the life at and around the airport:

  • Flights: BRUce provides relevant information about flights. If you share your flight details with him, BRUce can give you real time updates on your flight via Messenger or WhatsApp.
  • Food & Drinks: BRUce really knows all the hotspots at the airport and can tell you perfectly where best to shop or have sushi.
  • Practical information & FAQs: Where to park? Where to take the train?  Where to get tested for Covid at the airport? BRUce is happy to help.
  • Contact us: Do you want to contact your airline? BRUce knows most airline contact details by heart and is happy to share them with you!

Other questions or a suggestion? 

Do you have other questions? Or maybe a suggestion for BRUce? Share them during your chat with BRUce. Or contact us through this form.

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Call with the airport: 

 In Belgium: 0900 700 00 (€ 0.50/min) 

 Outside Belgium: +32 2 753 77 53 (€ 0.50/min)

In the terminal and having a question?

If you’re in the terminal, you can also go to the info desk where our staff will be happy to provide you with all information regarding departing and arriving flights, airport infrastructure and facilities, referrals to tour operators and airlines, public transport, etc.

You will find the Brussels Airport information desk in the Departures hall near check-in row 8, next to the Connections travel agency.  Read more here.