Travel documents

  • ID, passport or visa?
  • Travelling to the US and ESTA travel authorisation
  • Request your travel documents well ahead of time

Request the correct travel documents well ahead of time

Travelling abroad requires official travel documents. The specific documents that you require depend on the country or region that you are travelling to. Many countries require that your identity card or passport is valid for a significant period of time after your return journey as well.

You may need the following documents:

  • ID
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Vaccination certificates

It can take some time to gather all the relevant documents. Request them well ahead of time.

Your airline will verify whether you have the required documentation upon check-in. Are you missing some paperwork or is it invalid? Then you will not be permitted to board, as the airline is not allowed to carry you.

Up-to-date info on your travel documents

You can find the latest information regarding travel documentation here.

  • The federal government site provides all information pertaining to travel documents.

Which specific travel documents do I require for my destination? 

  • The Institute of Tropical Medicine website provides information about vaccinations and other medical precautions.

Which vaccinations do I require and how can I make the necessary medical preparations for my trip?

  • Your airline or travel agency will also provide detailed information regarding the necessary documents.

Travel documents for children

Young children must also have a valid passport or identity card. Yes, even your baby!

Kids-ID for children younger than 12

You can apply for a Kids-ID at your local authority. This is an electronic ID for Belgian children younger than 12 years old. A Kids-ID enables children to travel within the European Union and a number of other countries

Request your Kids-ID well ahead of time

Issuing a Kids-ID takes approximately 3 weeks, and sometimes longer during busy periods. So, request yours well ahead of time. Made a last-minute application? You can always make use of the accelerated application procedure, although this is more expensive

More on the Kids-ID

Travel to the US: ESTA travel application

Travelling to the US and participating in the Visa Waiver Program?

Then you don’t require a visa. However, you do require a valid passport. You must also complete a mandatory online procedure, known as an ESTA application which stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorisation application.

The Visa Waiver Program applies to residents of most European countries, including Belgium and all neighbouring countries.

How do you make an ESTA application?

Register electronically on the US government’s ESTA website prior to travel: It is essential that you do this in advance. This is a strict condition for travel to the US without a visa.

Can your ESTA application be refused?

Yes it can. This happens to approximately 1% of Belgian travellers. Wish to travel to the US nonetheless? Then you must apply for a visa at the US Embassy.

Arrange your ESTA application well ahead of time

Arrange your ESTA travel application well ahead of time. This will allow for a sufficient margin to request a visa should it prove necessary.

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Handy tips

  • Bring copies of all your travel documents.
  • Carry useful information separately, e.g. information relating to travellers’ checks and prescriptions.
  • Take an extra set of passport photos with you. Photo booths are located in the departures and Arrivals Hall and on the Promenade on the 4th floor.
  • Always carry medicines in your hand luggage.
  • Also keep a copy of any prescriptions in your hand luggage.

Travel advice

Is your travel destination safe to travel to or do you need to take safety precautions?

This Federal website provides a complete overview of key travel advice for each country, a list of embassies and many other useful tips.

Which travel advice applies to my destination?

This website details all information pertaining to travel documents.

Which specific travel documents do I require for my destination?

Medical advice

Taking prescription medication? Ensure that you take an adequate supply of your medication with you and remember to bring a copy of your prescription. Forgot something? No problem, Brussels Airport has its own pharmacy.

Are you pregnant?

  • A doctor’s certificate is required to fly once you pass the 28th week of pregnancy.
  • Airlines usually refuse to carry passengers from their 36th week of pregnancy onwards.

Make sure you check the details with your airline in advance.

General information about vaccinations and other medical precautions can be found on the Institute of Tropical Medicine website.

Which vaccinations do I require and how can I make the necessary medical preparations for my trip?