VAT recovery

Tax refund service

More information on tax refund here.

Unfortunately, since 2/07/2021, a VAT refund at the Travelex counter is no longer possible due to unforeseen circumstances.

VAT refunds can now only be applied for by depositing the VAT refund application forms in the following VAT refund mailboxes of Global Blue, Planet, Red All, Innova, Detaxe & Galeries Lafayette.

The refund application form must be completely filled (don’t forget your bank account number).

The invoice and/or tickets need to be attached to the refund application form.

Refund application form / invoice / tickets need to be stamped by customs.

If you have no refund application form please contact the store in order to obtain vat refund. Do not drop tickets/invoices without vat refund application form.

The VAT refund mailboxes can be found at following locations:

Departure Hall:

  • on the left next to Travelex desk between Relay & PRM
  • at Travelex desk next to customs desk

Gates T

  • At customs desk

Gates A - Gallery of Light

  • At the back of the Travelex desk