Power banks Naki

Charge your cell phone, laptop or another electronic device on the go! Pick up a Naki power bank at one point and drop it off elsewhere.

Why Naki power banks?

Naki mobile power banks offer freedom and convenience:

  • You don’t have to worry about cables and plugs
  • You can move around freely and continue your journey, go shopping or enjoy a meal or a drink in one of our restaurants and bars
  • You can show your travel and health documents at any point in your journey
  • You can consult your flight info and talk to BRUce/Brussels Airport app

Which devices can I charge?

At Brussels Airport, we have installed 8 Naki kiosks with 48 power banks each. Every power bank comes with 3 charging cables: Lightning, micro USD and USB-C which charge the vast majority of

  • Android and Apple smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Other electronic devices such as Bluetooth speakers, MP3 players, cameras, readers, laptops and gamepads

It takes on average 60 min to charge an empty device to full capacity

A Naki power bank provides on average 2 full charges.

Must the Naki power bank be returned where I took it?

No, and that is the magic of the Naki Power kiosk network! You can rent your power bank where it suits you best and return it at any other Naki kiosk: at Brussels Airport, outside the airport (both in Belgium and abroad), at participating train stations, shops, restaurants, coffee bars and many other venues….

The Naki network is expanding daily, and you can discover all Naki power locations in the Naki app. The 8 locations at our airport, are available here​​​​​.

How can I unlock a Naki power bank?

  • Download the Naki app
  • Register & add a payment method
  • Scan QR code
  • Your Naki power bank unlocks - take it and charge your device on-the-go
  • Return to any kiosk at Brussels Airport or any other Naki location

Attention! Current regulations do not allow power banks to be carried in checked luggage – only in hand luggage!

What do I pay?

You pay for your Naki power bank according to your renting time. But no worries, there are limits to what you pay!

  • €1/30 minutes
  • Your maximum day cost is €6
  • Your maximum rental amount is €30 and as of that moment, the power bank is yours to keep. You can then reuse the power bank by charging it yourself.

At which location can I find Naki power bank kiosks?

At Brussels Airport, we have installed 8 Naki kiosks ? You can find them here:


All locations (and the number of available power banks) can be found in the Naki app: there are locations both in Belgium and abroad (Paris, Berlin, Munich, Stockholm, Madrid). 

In Belgium, Naki kiosks can, at this moment, mainly be found in Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven and Ghent (restaurants, cafés, bars, hairdressers and at the major train stations). The Naki network expands daily, both in Belgium and elsewhere in Europe.