Power banks Naki

Easily charge your smartphone, laptop or other electronic devices while you wait for your flight. Pick up a powerbank at a Naki kiosk and drop it off at another kiosk when you're done charging.

Benefits of a Naki powerbank:

  • No more stress when you forget your charger
  • Your travel and health documents always close at hand
  • Access to your flight information at all times
  • Easy to take with you when you to shops, restaurants and bars at the airport

Which devices can I recharge?

Brussels Airport has 8 Naki kiosks, each equipped with 48 portable power banks. Each powerbank has 3 standard connectors: Lightning, micro USB and USB-C. This means you can easily charge most of the following electronic devices:

  • Android and iOS smartphones

  • Tablets and iPads

  • Other electronic devices such as Bluetooth speakers, MP3 players, cameras, e-readers, laptops and joysticks.

It takes 60 minutes to fully charge a mobile device. A Naki powerbank has a lifespan of 2 full charges.

Do I have to return the powerbank to the same kiosk?

No, you can return the powerbank to your nearest Naki kiosk. At the airport, but also at a station, shop or café near you. Both in Belgium and abroad.

How can I unlock a Naki power bank?

  • Download the Naki app
  • Register & add a payment method
  • Scan QR code
  • Your Naki power bank unlocks - take it and charge your device on-the-go
  • Return to any kiosk at Brussels Airport or any other Naki location

Attention! Current regulations do not allow power banks to be carried in checked luggage – only in hand luggage.

How much does it cost to rent a Naki powerbank?

You pay for the Naki powerbank according to the time you use it:

  • Day 1: €3/hour, with a maximum of €6/day (the cost remains constant after 2 hours of charging).

  • Day 2: €12/day.

  • Day 3: €50/day. If you do not return the powerbank on day 3, it will be considered as purchased and cannot be returned.

Where can I find a Naki powerbank at the airport?

We have installed 8 Naki kiosks: