Drinking water

Drink plenty of water during your journey. From now on, you can fill your bottle with clean drinking water at the Free Water Island, just after security screening. This way, Brussels Airport takes another step towards a plastic-free environment. And you no longer have to pay for drinking water.

No bottle with you? No problem! At the Free Water Island you can buy a reusable Brussels Airport drinking bottle. You can refill it there or in the area of Gates A near gate 45. Hot, chilled or sparkling? The choice is yours!

In the Gates B area, you can still buy water bottles at €1 each. These can be found after the security screening on the right. You will also find a water tap at EXKi, in the departure hall, where you can refill your water bottle for free.

And remember: drink the water you bring yourself before going through the security screening. This ensures a smoother experience.