VAT refunds

  • VAT refund on goods purchased in the EU
  • Conditions for a VAT refund

Reclaim a portion of your money

If you are taking goods outside the EU and you also live outside the EU, then, in certain cases, you can reclaim the VAT on goods that you purchased in the EU. 

Reclaiming VAT paid

Compile sales receipts and forms

Compile sales receipts and VAT Refund forms for goods purchased in the EU. Request the VAT Refund form from the vendor. You will require your passport for this.

Go to customs 

Before leaving the EU, go to the customs office to have your VAT Refund forms stamped. Remember to take the goods for which you wish to receive a VAT refund with you to the customs office. 

In the Departures Hall, follow the icon below to report to customs. 

This customs office is open every day, including weekends, from 7 am to 10 pm. Do you want to come by at another time? Then go to the customs office in the Arrivals Hall. It is located next to the passenger exit. Ring the bell and a customs officer will be able to help you.

For transfer passengers, customs is located in the commercial area of Gates B.

Receive your VAT refund

Departure Hall:

  • on the left next to RIA Money Transfer desk between WHSmith & PRM
  • at RIA Money Transfer desk next to customs desk

Gates T

  • At customs desk

Gates B - Gallery of Light

  • At the back of the RIA Money Transfer desk

Conditions for VAT refund

  • You live outside the EU 
  • You purchased goods in the EU
  • You are taking the goods outside the EU 
  • You made purchases that amount to more than 125 Euros per invoice or Tax-Free Form (VAT Refund form).
    You may combine multiple receipts from the same store on the same VAT Refund form. The sum of Belgian invoices must amount to a minimum of €125.01. 
  • You are in possession of a complete and correctly filled-in VAT Refund form with the corresponding sales receipts attached.
  • You request the refund by no later than the end of the third month following the month in which you purchased the goods.
  • You presented yourself to the Brussels Airport customs office, together with the purchased goods, the invoice(s) and/or the VAT Refund form(s) and corresponding sales receipts.

More info 
More info can be found in the Customs and Excise (General Provisions) brochure below or on the Federal Public Service Finance website.