Withdraw money at the airport

You can withdraw money at several places around the airport. The machines are operated by Batopin. You can find them here:

Departure Hall:

You will find in the departure hall (3rd floor) 2 cash dispensers.

  • Opposite check in desks 7 & 8
  • Across the escalators and elevators when travelling to/from the bus & train stations

Arrivals Hall & Baggage Reclaim:

  • In the arrivals hall there are 2 cash dispensers located next to our Welcome desk (opposite Java Coffee Bar)
  • 2 cash dispensers are located in the baggage reclaim area. You will find these behind luggage belts 2 & 3

Gates A:

  • A cash dispenser is located next to gate A42

Gates B:

  • Coming soon, a cash dispenser will be available in Pier B (terminal B), opposite our Brewgate bar.