Brussels Airport Pcard+

  • No queuing at the payment terminal
  • Contactless, all the way
  • 10% discount on your parking fee

Cheap and effortless parking

Enjoy cheap and effortless parking in P1, P2 and P3 with the Brussels Airport Pcard+. These are the closest car parks to the airport terminal.

Save time

Simply scan the Brussels Airport Pcard+ at the barrier upon entering or exiting the car parks. You don’t require a parking ticket. Which also means that you don’t have a parking ticket to lose! If you also link your license plate to your card, after receiving your Brussels Airport Pcard+, the barrier will even open automatically…

Neither will you lose valuable time queuing at the payment terminal. Payment occurs automatically via your credit card or by direct debit. You receive a clear statement detailing all parking transactions on a monthly basis.

Save money

With your Pcard+ you automatically enjoy a 10% discount on your parking rate


All transactions are contact-free. You do not have to touch a payment terminal or hand over tickets. Everything is done with your own Brussels Airport Pcard+.

No administrative fees

The Brussels Airport Pcard+ costs absolutely nothing and is free from administrative fees. You just make a one-off payment of 1 Euro cent to link the Pcard+ to your credit card. The Brussels Airport Pcard+ can be used in all Interparking car parks in Belgium.

Apply for your Brussels Airport Pcard+ today