Roadworks around Brussels Airport

  • Current and planned roadworks
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Current and planned roadworks

As a national airport located in the heart of Europe, Brussels Airport is the ideal gateway to Brussels, Belgium and the rest of the world. The extensive road network surrounding the airport is a valuable asset, but it requires regular maintenance and occasional roadworks. Here, you will find a summary of ongoing and upcoming roadworks near Brussels Airport.

The Vilvoorde Viaduct is one of the busiest traffic junctions in the country, with more than 150,000 vehicles passing over it every day. After 50 years, the viaduct is in need of thorough renovation. 

Between August 2023 and the end of 2025, the works will mainly concern the inner ring road. To carry out the work, the speed limit will be reduced to 50 km/h and the traffic lanes will be narrowed. Traffic coming from Ghent, Bruges and the north/north-west of Brussels to the airport may be disrupted.

Vilvoorde, on the northern edge of Brussels

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Construction on the Léonard Tunnel on the Brussels Ring will continue until early 2025.

Ring 0 South

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Tips for getting to/from the airport

  • Leave on time. Check our Time Advisor to find out what time to get to the airport.
  • Do you prefer travelling by public transport? The train station at Brussels Airport is situated below the terminal (level -1), while the bus station is one floor below the Arrivals Hall (level 0).

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