Your route to Brussels Airport

  • For a relaxed departure, plan your route in advance
  • Alternatieve means of transport

Your vacation starts with getting to the airport. Will you be driving yourself there? If so, follow the road signs from the Brussels Ring Road (R0) towards Zaventem (marked by the airplane symbol).

How to get to the airport

  • Brussels Airport can be easily located in most navigation systems using the POI (Points Of Interest) feature.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Google Maps address: Leopoldlaan, 1930 Zaventem.

Prepare your route in advance

Preparing your route to the airport? We'll help you get started!

Consider possible traffic congestion and road works on the Brussels Ring Road. Be sure to allow enough travel time to get to the airport. Want to know in advance if there are road works on the route to your airport? Check this overview of all current road works in and at Brussels Airport.

Directions to parking

Taking a flight or picking someone up at the airport? Then follow the signage to a parking lot of your choice. Parking P1, P2 and P3 are close to the entrance.

Directions to drop-off zone

Bringing someone to the airport? A lengthy farewell unnecessary? Follow the signs to the drop-off zone.

Alternative means of transport to the airport

You can also choose to get to or from the airport by other means, such as train, bus or cab.

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