We take animal care to the next level

Official opening

The pristine Animal Care & Inspection centre has been a few years in the making and will be open for business in June 2020. Designed exclusively for live animal handling, with large areas foreseen for the inspection, handling, storage and/or quarantine of live animals.

Designed for the future

With over 2000m² of covered space, the facility has been designed ready for the future of animal transport and housing. Multiple animal stays with adaptive lighting, temperature and air cycling make sure animals always reside in optimal conditions.

The ACIC has dedicated export and import zones, which are physically separated from each other to avoid any contact between animals. The building is designed as a passive building, the need for energy is further covered by solar panels, heating pumps and thermal exchange.

Border Control Post

The presence of a Border Inspection Post for live animals is essential for the operation of an international airport. Multiple state-of-the-art inspection rooms, fully equipped, make sure animals can be checked smoothly and without delay. The offices of the Federal Agency for Security of the Food Chain (FASFC) are located on the first floor, which results in faster processing and improved animal welfare.

Facts and figures

  • 1 In-house laboratory                  
  • 10 Equine stables  
  • 10 Flex Animals stay
  • 3 Docking positions         
  • 2 Roller beds      
  • 9 Air changes per hour    
  • 12 Different temp/light settings    




Animal Care & Inspection Centre
Building 700C
1830 Machelen