Towards a circular airport

The large-scale use of raw materials and commodities has an adverse impact on our planet, including greenhouse gas emissions, loss of biodiversity and water shortage. That is why Brussels Airport Company supports the circular economy. We only build 100% sustainable office buildings and reuse end-of-life building materials such as asphalt and concrete. By 2025, we also want to recycle at least half of the waste from our terminal and offices.    

What we do  

  • We create sustainable buildings. All our new property developments are given a sustainability label. By 2027, 100% of our new office buildings must bear at least the BREEAM 'Excellent' label.  
  • We reuse building materials. For example, we reused asphalt during the renovation of the runways. We provide new buildings with a materials passport. This means that the materials will be easier to identify and reuse later on.   
  • We recycle our waste. By 2025, 50% of the total waste from our terminal and offices should be recycled. Currently, this is about 25%.  
  • We enter into circular partnerships.   
    • In 2021, we signed the Circular Economy Commitment of Antwerp Management School and the University of Antwerp.   
    • We donate reusable items that are left behind at the airport to charities.   
    • We are cooperating in research on fuel with recycled waste oils.   
    • In 2022, we also restarted our Waste Charter in collaboration with Fost Plus and OVAM