Our commitment

Looking ahead with our CEO, Arnaud Feist

The pandemic was an opportunity for many organisations to reinvent themselves. Brussels Airport is no exception: to ensure the sustainable development of our airport and to remain relevant in the future, we have defined a new strategy, called Shift 2027, with new priorities for the years ahead. From now on, we will fully focus on sustainability. To start with, we have set some impressive sustainability ambitions. We have committed to becoming Net Zero Carbon by 2030 for the emissions we control, and we are doing everything we can to achieve this goal earlier. We are also investing heavily in improving mobility and the quality of life in the wider region, as well as providing high-quality jobs.  

Our aims go beyond our own activities. To secure a more sustainable future for the aviation sector, Brussels Airport Company is shifting up a gear to make our entire industry greener. The climate challenge is great, but our drive to make our operations greener in the quickest possible timeframe is even greater. In the past ten years, we have not rested on our laurels. We are gradually building an airport that offers ever more efficient solutions to tackle its emissions, to operate in a circular manner and to create a more pleasant environment for neighbouring residents. Examples of measures in this framework include the investment in two large solar farms, the electrification of apron passenger buses, new bicycle infrastructure and differentiation in fees called ‘eco modulation’ to attract quieter and more fuel-efficient aircraft.  

However, the years ahead will be crucial in trying to control and slow down global warming and further reduce our impact. What are our greatest assets? A high level of ambition, daring innovations and intensive cooperation with our airport partners.  

Those ingredients come together perfectly in the ‘Stargate’ programme, an initiative of Brussels Airport supported by the European Commission within the framework of the Green Deal. Over a period of five years, we will join forces with 21 Belgian and international partners to launch more than 30 specific projects that will accelerate the greening of the European aviation industry.  

The challenges of our sector are complex; solutions are not just there for the taking. Yet sustainability is already taking shape. Every day, our employees and partners are committed to developing new, more sustainable technologies and putting them into practice.