Towards a better living environment

The airport has an impact on people living in the neighbourhood and the local environment. On the one hand, we create prosperity and well-being. On the other, our activities sometimes also cause nuisance. By focusing on noise reduction and clean air, we want to find a better balance between air traffic and a good quality of life. We monitor air quality and noise pollution and are introducing lower fees for low-noise aircraft.

What we do 

  • We monitor noise pollution. We carry out noise measurements and calculate local noise contours. In 2019, just before the COVID-19 crisis, the number of people experiencing severe noise pollution was 57% lower than in the reference year 2000.  
  • We monitor air quality. Among other things, we measure the concentrations of ultrafine particles and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at and around the airport.  
  • We differentiate our rates. Airlines pay lower fees for low-noise and fuel-efficient aircraft.  
  • We reduce air and noise emissions on the ground. At all gates, we installed a 400 Hz electrical connection, so that stationary aircraft can switch off their auxiliary engines. We are also focusing on the potential of electric taxiing and electric handling equipment. 
  • We focus on communication. We consult with local residents about flight paths and environmental aspects. The website Brussels Airport Traffic Control provides information on air traffic to and from Brussels Airport.