Sustainable jobs in an inclusive work environment

To achieve the ambitious goals of our new strategy, Shift 2027, our people are our most important asset. Inclusive employment and sustainable employability are the foundation on which we will build our HR policy in coming years. By becoming more inclusive and diverse, we also strengthen our position in the job market.  

What we do 

  • We focus on sustainable careers. All employees, with their unique characteristics, skills and talents, are given the opportunity to grow in our organisation. Internal mobility offers our people exciting prospects.  
  • We offer training opportunities. We are systematically extending the range of trainings available to our employees. These courses do not have to apply to their current jobs: our people can also learn valuable new skills. We also attach great importance to on-the-job training and we have a strong partnership with our airport community training center, Aviato Academy.
  • We apply new, hybrid working methods. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adopted a flexible home-working policy and let our employees choose the right workplace for their activities. We moved our headquarters to a brand new and sustainable building called Compass.
  • We have a keen eye on inclusion. We examine what diversity and inclusion mean to Brussels Airport and adapt our training, recruitment methods, learning paths, etc.  
  • We pay extra attention to vulnerable groups. Together with our employment partner Aviato, we focus on sustainable jobs. Among other things, we collaborate with sheltered workshops. We also think out of the box: we are happy to offer training to candidates who do not quite fit a job profile. In this way, less obvious target groups are also given a chance.