Sustainable in every domain

Incorporating sustainability into our DNA means that we strive to make all aspects of our organisation sustainable. Therefore, in addition to our five main pillars, we also focus on: 

  • A safe airport. Safety is everyone’s business. At our airport, it is a top priority. This is why we continuously invest in safe infrastructure and security, and we work hard to create a safety culture that includes all our employees. We focus on four areas: security, fire and emergency, safety and health. We aim for zero accidents, upgrade our safety systems, reduce risks through improvement programmes and organise large-scale emergency drills. The COVID-19 pandemic gave our safety policy an extra dimension: the airport must be healthy and hygienic at all times. We were awarded an Airport Health Accreditation by ACI World (Airport Council International) for our efforts. 
  • Good management keeps the balance between safety and biodiversity. We develop the open space on the airport grounds in a nature-friendly way wherever possible, while ensuring that aircraft can land and take off safely. Through prevention, we try to limit bird strikes, while new management plans should promote biodiversity and greening of the airport zone.  
  • Sustainable procurement policy. Through sustainable purchasing and supplier monitoring, we reduce the impact on people and the environment throughout our supply chains. Sustainability criteria included in our specifications and a code of conduct for suppliers help us to achieve this.   
  • Conscious water management: every drop counts. We use water sparingly and responsibly. For example, we store rainwater and have our own water treatment plant.