Picking someone up

  • Car parks P1, P2 or P3
  • Park your car in the correct place
  • A warm welcome in the Arrivals Hall

Are you coming by car to pick someone up from the airport? Car parks P1, P2 or P3 are close to the entrance. So you can take the time to really welcome someone to Belgium. For these car parks you pay € 3 for the first half hour.

When you pick someone up by car, you want everything to run as smoothly as possible. Therefore, make sure you park your car in the correct place. The area in front of the Arrivals Hall is reserved for taxis and emergency services. 

The drop-off zone is also not intended for picking up people. It is difficult to find, and the costs quickly mount up if you stay here longer than 10 minutes.

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Although the car parks P1 and P2 are situated opposite the Departures Hall, the numbers of the floors do not correspond. So level 2 of the terminal is not the same as level 2 of the car parks. View all information here

Agree in advance in which car park and on which level of the car park you will meet.  

Attention, there may be traffic problems on the way to the airport. On the Ring around Brussels, work is in progress on the access and exit complex of Zaventem-Henneaulaan. Plan your route in advance. You can find more information here

A warm welcome in the Arrivals Hall 

Finding each other again in the Arrivals Hall? That is easy. There are a few clear recognition points. Meet up at the information desk, for example. Would you rather catch up over a snack or a drink? Then meet at brasserie Hi! Brussels. A typical Belgian beer is included!

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