Picking someone up

Book your parking
  • Meeting in the arrivals hall
  • Park your car close by in car park P1, P2 or P3
  • 30 minutes of free parking with PCard+

Picking up someone? Parking in P1, P2 or P3

Are you coming to pick up your sweetheart, your granny or your business partner? Then always park your car in car parks P1, P2 or P3. You are not allowed to park in the area in front of the arrivals hall. This is only intended for taxis and emergency services. Your passenger won’t mind walking the short distance from the arrivals hall to the car park. As long as you carry the suitcases.

In P1, P2 and P3 you pay €2 per half hour for up to an hour. 

And with the Brussels Airport Pcard+ you can even park for the first 30 minutes free of charge.

Meeting in the arrivals hall

Finding each other in the arrivals hall? Easy. There are quite a few recognition points. Arrange to meet, perhaps, at the information desk, or in brasserie Hi Brussels or at Quick. You can catch up over a snack or a drink.

The arrivals hall only has one entrance and you can be subjected to a security check there. If you have large bags or suitcases with you, please make use of the entrance at Departures level. 

Arrange to meet on the right floor

Although the P1, P2 and P3 car parks are opposite the departure hall, the numbers of the floors do not correspond because of the differences in height. Level 2 in the terminal is not the same as storey 2 in the car parks. What’s more, this differs per car park. So here’s a golden tip: Always arrange very clearly with your passenger in which car park and on what floor of the car park you will meet each other. In this way, you won’t miss each other.