Picking someone up

  • Park your car and welcome your passengers in the arrival hall

Is somebody coming to pick you up?

It is possible to meet & greet someone in the Arrivals hall.  If you are picking up someone, you don't need a Covid Safe Pass to enter the arrivals hall.

Remember: a warm welcome is a welcome with those 3 golden rules:

  • please keep a 1.5 metre distance from others
  • wear a face mask as from 10 years old and
  • wash and disinfect your hands.

Map of the arrival hall

You can park in the nearby car parks P1 or P2 across the terminal. You pay €3 for the first half hour and €5 for 31'-60'. 

Taxis are, as always, available when you leave the arrivals hall.

If you go home or to your destination with professional transport (e.g. arranged by the hotel), they will also be waiting for you in the Arrivals hall.


Arrange to meet on the correct level

Although the P1, P2 and P3 car parks are opposite the departure hall, the numbers of the floors do not correspond because of the differences in height. Level 2 in the terminal is not the same as storey 2 in the car parks. What’s more, this differs per car park. Check it out here. So here’s a golden tip: Always arrange very clearly with your passenger in which car park and on what floor of the car park you will meet each other. In this way, you won’t miss each other.


Traffic disruption possible

Works Zaventem-Henneaulaan - traffic disruption possible

On the Brussels Ring Road, work is carried out on the Zaventem-Henneaulaan slip road complex. The traffic flow is be guaranteed, but keep in mind that there may be delays.

Plan your route in advance and allow enough time for delays or choose an alternative to the car: the airport is easily accessible by train, bus and bicycle.

Please find more information on the works on this website